Whether you need culture-boosting employee programs or powerful sales incentive applications, we’ve helped wonderful, whip-smart people at companies in a variety of verticals such as Air Canada, BMW, Virgin America, Scotiabank, Mr Cooper, and Komatsu achieve their objectives faster.

We've been building innovative solutions for channel incentives and employee recognition stories under various brands since the launch of VIBE in 2004.




Powerful Applications Since 2004

Slide Johane
Employee and Customer Success “I love how we push each other, debate the best solution – sometimes hotly – and remain positive and always proud of the end result.” Ben
Customer Experience Carl
Customer Success “The opportunity to participate in high profile and important projects for our clients really give you a sense of accomplishment.” “We enjoy going below the surface to get to the root of our client’s needs. We challenge each other in positive and beneficial ways.” Jens
Dev Team “The most impressive thing about working at VIBE SMG has always been its Clients. We have proved capable of competing and winning.” Our
How does our team stay motivated after all these years? Quite simply, we care deeply about customer success and customer experience, we continue to learn and adapt at a fast pace, and we enjoy working together. Scott
Dev Team “Over Friday lunch, We share personal stories and discuss issues that are affecting everyone. Just like a family does.” Samantha
Customer Experience “Everybody works very hard to achieve goals and to meet deadlines, but we also have fun and we get along very well.” Jim
Dev Team “Working here is great. Everyone is nice, just like a big family.” Daniel
Customer Success I recall the moment I walked into the office for the first time – I felt a huge sense of calm, openness and positivity all around.” Pathik
Dev Team “I just want to say one sentence about everything – It feels like a family here and a really great one.” Jun
Dev Team Zhiyong
Customer Experience Chelsea "Woof Woof" WE ARE VIBE, IZII IS OUR THING. “We try our best to satisfy our clients' needs as well as helping each other in the team.”


Whether you're harnessing the power of short-term SPIFFS and rebates or the ongoing benefits of a long-term loyalty program, we have an unwavering belief in our abilities to offer simple solutions that quickly become indispensable to our clients.

We know that by putting our brains and talents to work for you as an extension of your own team, you'll feel well-equiped to reach further and explore even greater avenues for growth.

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