A $16B Airline was able to provide an easy-to-use interface to facilitate partner engagement on a 24/7 basis, provide access to KPI contract performance reporting, product information, and training. The program offered an efficient method of two-way communication while engaging participants with consistent branding, strong visuals, clear expectations and up-to-date, detailed results.

Seizing on an opportunity to be one of the first to offer an engaging and informative loyalty program for Mortgage Brokerages and their Brokers, a newly chartered bank launched a multi-targeted and dynamic sales performance incentive program complete with pipeline visibility, sales scorecards and dashboards.2019-03-04T21:24:10+00:00
We helped a large hotel chain offer dynamic and timely tactical sales incentives for its Meeting & Events, and Catering sales teams. Managers and reps have access to dynamic leaderboards based on specific program KPIs and enjoy a clear and current line of sight for all initiatives and program participants. A social community wall enables multi-level communications, peer-to-peer recognition, and timely announcements and offers, keeping all participants informed and engaged.2019-02-26T16:10:33+00:00
An $18B heavy equipment manufacturer needed a clear understanding of their distribution channel sales pipeline and wanted to provide their partners with valuable sales performance insight and analysis. We implemented a multi-stage quote and invoice claiming system to allow distributors to upload sales opportunities and update their status through the sales cycle. The manual claim forms are converted into a metric feed and populate the Sales Performance Dashboards for various user types.2019-02-26T16:11:23+00:00
A €98B automaker wanted to ensure that new distributor partners were properly onboarded and educated prior to participating in their loyalty program. We added a custom learning module with automated scoring to their incentive program. Once new participants successfully complete the required training, their status changes automatically and they begin to fully participate in the incentive program. Automation speeds up the onboarding process and greatly reduces administrative time.2019-02-26T16:12:32+00:00
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