Sales Engagement Sprints: The Blueprint for Success in Indirect Sales

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September 25, 2023


Welcome to the inaugural post in our blog series focused on mastering Sales Engagement Sprints for indirect sales forces. You’re in the right place if you’re selling through dealers, distributors, or resellers and want to amplify your sales outcomes and cultivate lasting relationships with your partners. In this post, we’ll introduce you to iziiEarn Sales Engagement Sprints and discuss their significance in today’s complex sales ecosystem.


What Are Sales Engagement Sprints?

Sales Engagement Sprints are condensed, goal-oriented periods of sales activities designed to achieve specific targets within a limited timeframe. This approach particularly benefits indirect sales teams juggling multiple brands or product lines. A sprint could last from one week to a month and focuses on agile, results-oriented actions.


Key Components of a Sales Engagement Sprint for Indirect Sales


  1. Objective Setting: Clearly outline what you aim to achieve, whether it’s knowledge assessment of a new product, increasing sales for a particular product, or gathering feedback and market insights.
  2. Partner Alignment: Coordinate with your partners to ensure everyone is on the same page. This could involve sharing objectives, payouts, sales scripts, or training sessions.
  3. Task Segmentation: Break down the overall goal into smaller, actionable tasks. Assign incentives to specific partners or segments based on geolocation or other criteria.
  4. Check-ins: Conduct brief meetings to discuss progress, address challenges, and plan the next steps.
  5. Review and Adapt: At the end of the sprint, assess the results and refine your strategies for future sprints.


Why Are Sales Engagement Sprints Important for Indirect Sales?



Indirect sales forces often have to adapt to the policies and strategies of multiple brands. Sales Engagement Sprints offer the flexibility to align with your brand requirements quickly.


Focus and Accountability

With specific goals and a set timeframe, your indirect sales team can concentrate on what matters most, leading to increased productivity and a greater sense of ownership.


Partner Engagement

Building strong relationships with partners and sales reps is crucial for long-term success in the indirect sales model. Sprints allow you to focus on Sales Rep engagement, providing personalized solutions that meet their needs.


Data-Driven Insights

The iterative nature of sprints makes it easier to collect valuable data. This can be shared with your principal brands for mutual benefit, helping both parties refine their sales and marketing strategies.



Sales Engagement Sprints are a powerful tool for indirect sales teams, offering a structured yet flexible approach to achieving sales objectives. Get your free copy of iziiEarn’s Sales Engagement Sprints Blueprint for actionable ideas. Stay tuned for our next post to explore the benefits of implementing Sales Engagement Sprints in your indirect sales operations.


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