The Overlooked Marketing Gap in Sales Incentive Platforms

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September 23, 2023

Amplifying Motivation: Marketing Incentives to an Indirect Sales Force


When it comes to driving sales, indirect sales forces—comprising of distributors, resellers, agents, and partners—play a significant role. They expand the reach of a business, often penetrating markets and segments that are tough for direct sales teams to access. Yet, there’s a crucial element that many businesses miss: the effective marketing of incentives to this indirect sales force.


1. The Unique Dynamics of Indirect Sales Forces

Indirect sales representatives don’t share the same direct relationship with your brand as internal employees. Their motivation, loyalty, and performance are influenced not just by the product they’re selling, but also by the rewards and incentives that accompany their efforts.

Effective incentive marketing to this group can:

  • Reinforce their importance in the broader sales ecosystem.
  • Cultivate a stronger alignment with your brand and products.
  • Spark increased enthusiasm and drive for superior performance.


2. The Current Gap in Marketing Incentives

While businesses often curate incentives for indirect sales forces, the emphasis on marketing these rewards isn’t always robust. A brief mention in partnership meetings or an occasional email or poster doesn’t do justice to the potential of these incentives.

Furthermore, because indirect sales forces often juggle multiple brands or products, a lack of impactful incentive marketing can reduce enthusiasm or commitment to any particular brand.


3. Unlocking the Power of Effective Incentive Marketing

Harnessing the potential of incentives for indirect sales reps requires a shift in strategy:

  • Engaging Showcases: Introduce incentives with vibrant presentations, giving a taste of the rewards that await.
  • Regular Touchpoints: Given the distance from the central brand, frequent updates on performance metrics, leaderboards, and incentive progress can keep engagement high.
  • Success Stories: Sharing tales of past achievers provides validation and makes the incentives more relatable and attainable.
  • Diverse Communication Avenues: Considering the decentralized nature of indirect sales, utilize multiple channels—from partner portals and webinars to social media shoutouts and newsletters.


4. The Path Forward for Businesses

To maximize the influence of incentives on an indirect sales force, businesses can adopt the following strategies:

  • Collaborate with partners to understand the best communication channels and timings.
  • Design incentives that resonate with the unique needs and desires of indirect sales reps.
  • Measure and analyze the impact of incentive marketing strategies, refining them for even greater effectiveness over time.



An indirect sales force is a powerful extension of a brand’s sales capabilities. Businesses can strengthen brand alignment, boost enthusiasm, and elevate sales outcomes by placing a sharper focus on marketing incentives to this group. It’s not just about having incentives in place—it’s about ensuring they’re front and center in the minds of those who matter.

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